Course Structure

Bridging courses normally span 13 weeks, with classes held for one evening of the week for 3 hours. Class size ranges from 15 up to 25 students, depending on community demand. Though other models are possible, and some of our courses have welcomed male participants, the majority of our courses have been designed exclusively for women.

Instructors are carefully chosen to be sensitive both to the needs of the community and/or workplace and to the academic standards of university-level education. All of our instructors have held or currently hold positions at York University, and are qualified to teach both content and critical skills.

A week before classes begin, there is an information session held at the site where the course will be taught. This allows participants to learn about the course schedule and material, to ask questions of the instructor, and also to register and purchase books. The fee for community based courses is $150 per students, plus the cost of reading materials. Some book sets are available on a lending basis to those in financial need.